i didn’t go to the gym today so im rewarding myself with a spoonful of nutella 

You have to believe this one thing, kid. You gotta believe that someone will love you no matter what they knew. Because someone out there thinks you’re fucking perfect. He probably saw you in the coffee shop today while you hum to the song playing in crappy speakers and he thinks you were goddamn beautiful the way you did it. How utterly lost you were. He never thought he could see something more beautiful than how his grandparents kept their love for fifty years. Or maybe it was your neighbour who was mowing the lawn when he saw you walking to your porch and opening your front door when you accidentally dropped your keys; he was too much of a coward to get it for you but the state of regret pounced upon him like he was hopeless prey. There is a boy wishing you were spooned in his arms this very moment. He wants you so goddamn much. He will make you feel so loved that you’ll forget the definition of “broken”. Because he’ll fix you. He’ll never get drunk when you’re both in a party because he promised your father he’ll return his baby girl completely unharmed. He lets you drink two beers though, just enough to feel sober. He’ll grind in your back because you asked for it. He’ll leave a trail of the softest kisses ever recorded on your neck down to your collarbone. He’ll drive you home safely and he will too in the coming days. He’ll remember what you’re allergic to. He’ll kiss your forehead in the most random times. He’ll take care of you even if you’re not sick. And when you ask why, he’ll tell you because you’re worth it, and you’ll believe him— because you are.
a.s. “He’s Thinking About You Now” (via mossyribs)
Sometimes I get so lonely I forget what day it is, and how to spell my name.
Lars and the Real Girl (via perfect)

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